entry door color personality quiz

Entry Door Personality Quiz

Which door is right for you?

Want to give your entryway a makeover for the upcoming spring season, but not sure what color entry door to choose? We’ll point you to the on-trend shade that suits you best.

Take our short color personality quiz to learn more about the entry door hue that’s right for you. Keep track of your answers, and we’ll let you know the results at the end!

When faced with a problem, what's your first response?

A. Confront it immediately
B. Talk it over with friends
C. Think about what you can do to help and go with your gut
D. Research a solution
E. Ignore it or run away

What is your idea of a fun night out?

A. Going to a concert or live sporting event
B. Taking a painting class
C. Watching a movie
D. Dining with your significant other or friends
E. Going to a comedy club

Which of the following comfort foods could you never live without?

A. French vanilla cappuccino
B. Butter popcorn
C. Macaroni and cheese
D. Dark chocolate
E. Burritos

What word(s) best describes your style?

A.  Bold and adventurous
B. Chic
C. Unique
D. Cute and comfortable
E. Loud and unpredictable

If you could tackle any home improvement project, where would you start?

A. Patio
B. Office/studio
C. Living Room
D. Kitchen
E. Entertainment room

Which country would you visit if you could only pick one?

A. France
B. Italy
C. England
D. The Bahamas
E. Netherlands

What words best describe you?

A. Dominant, risk-taker, courageous
B. Cheerful, confident, creative
C. Impulsive, curious, ambitious
D. Devoted, optimistic, patient
E. Happy, loyal, free-spirited


entry door color vivacious red

If you answered mostly A’s, your color is Vivacious Red, shown here on a Pella® Architect Series® Plank 2 Panel Arch smooth solid door.

entry door color animated yellow

If you answered mostly B’s, Animated Yellow is your hue, shown here on an Architect Series Plank Craftsman Light smooth door.

entry door color sparking teal

If you answered mostly C’s, your color is Sparkling Teal, shown here on an Architect Series 5 Panel smooth solid door.

entry door color lively blue

If you answered mostly D’s, Lively Blue is your hue, shown here on an Architect Series 6 Panel smooth solid door.

entry door color spirited orange

If you answered mostly E’s, your color is Spirited Orange, shown here on an Architect Series 2 Panel Square Top smooth solid door.

Upgrade your curb appeal today. Visit your local Lowe's store to learn more about Pella’s Vibrancy Collection for entry doors.