Installation Accessories

Pella SmartFlash Window and Door Installation Tape

Tough, durable and easy to use.

  • Stands up to UV exposure
  • Can be applied in extreme temperatures as low as 0ºF
  • Creates a weatherproof seal to help avoid expensive leaks

Pella Reversible Trim Coil

Fade-resistant formula for a durable, dent-resistant finish.

  • Classic White and Brown reversible trim coil complements Pella vinyl and wood products
  • Made from low-maintenance aluminum
  • 0.024” thickness
  • Roll dimensions: 12 in. x 25 ft.

Pella Installation Sealant

An advanced, one component, polymer-modified polyurethane sealant.

  • Paintable in one hour with water-based paints
  • Fast curing, no solvents and low VOC
  • Withstands extreme temperatures -- apply in temperatures from -40ºF to 160ºF
  • High bond strength and UV resistant
  • Interior and exterior applications on Pella window and door products and other construction materials

Pella Low-Expansion Foam

Interior seal for windows and doors.

  • Minimally expanding formula
  • Airtight and water resistant seal
  • Bonds to common construction materials with a fast cure time
  • Flexible seal permits expansion and contraction

Pella Lifestyle Full Screen

Let in more sunlight and fresh air.

  • Made from a premium-quality screen material
  • Screens stocked in-store for most popular window sizes
  • Enhances your home's appearance with a screen material that is more transparent than standard fiberglass

Pella Base Shoe Interior Trim" and "3/4" x 1/2" Interior Trim

Frame your Pella windows and doors with unique interior trim options.

  • Various designs to complement your home's style
  • Available in contemporary and traditional designs