Tested to Last

We test our products to help ensure our designs will withstand the test of time.

At Pella, quality is at the heart of what we do.

See how Pella goes above and beyond

Thermal Testing - Glass

Pella uses an infrared camera to visually show the efficiency of the glass in the window. We compare double-pane glass with no coatings or argon gas to double-pane glass with Low-E coating and argon gas. See what helps keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Air, Water, Structural Chamber Testing

The chamber tests for air, water and structural performance. There is a separate set of conditions for all three tests by simulating positive and negative wind loads.

Hurricane Testing

For Pella Hurricane Shield windows and patio doors rated to ASTM E1996 missile D rating, Pella fires a two-by-four at 50 feet per second at the window to test the laminated glass. The window and laminate need to remain intact to prevent a large rush of air and debris from entering the home, which could create enough pressure to lift the roof off causing the walls to blow over. After impact, we cycle the window nine-thousand times at hurricane pressures to help ensure the window will remain intact.

Patent Wall

A testament to Pella’s innovation throughout the 92-year company history – with over 150 patents displayed. There is a history of innovation at Pella Corporation, which continues to be a core part of our culture.

Cycle Testing

We test our products by operating them thousands of times to understand performance of the windows or doors and key components like locks, screens and shades.

Insulating Glass Testing

Glass is placed in a chamber to test the glass at 140 degrees with 100 percent humidity. Next the glass is removed and placed in another chamber that simulates the ultraviolet radiation of sunlight. Then it is placed back in the high heat and humidity to test how the sealants perform.