7 Questions to Ask Before Installing New Windows

When it comes to installing a new window or door, proper installation is key. To make sure you're not putting your warranty at risk, ask your installer these important questions before you sign on the dotted line.

1. How long have you been installing windows?
Experience level is a strong indication of window installation expertise.

2. Do you have your own crew?
A contractor who employs full-time employees usually means the contractor has enough business to stay busy year-round and is more likely to deliver quality results.

3. Do you offer an installation warranty, and how would I handle service issues if any arise?
Most windows come with a product warranty, but that typically doesn't cover installation. Select a contractor who'll guarantee the installation and address any installation-related issues after the job is complete.

4. Do you have referrals?
If a contractor is proud of their work and knows their customers are satisfied, they should be more than happy to provide you with a list of referrals.

5. What percentage of your business is repeat or referral business?
Many homeowners complete their home improvement projects in phases, so contractors' best customers are often their current ones. Having repeat customers helps provide more confidence in the quality of their projects.

6. Can you install in inclement weather?
An experienced contractor should be able to isolate their worksite during less-than-ideal weather conditions so there is little disruption to your home.

7. Are you a certified remodeler?
Training and certification can indicate that a contractor takes pride in their work and wants to be recognized for their professional capabilities while building new skills in their field.

When you're shopping around for qualified window installers, look to Lowe's. Their professional independent installers provide special financing options and a 1-year labor warranty.  Plus, they'll handle the details every step of the way.

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