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Outdoor Living Space Ideas to Improve Your Patio

A patio is an extension of the home – a place for gathering, making memories and enjoying life.  Transform your patio this summer with these outdoor living space ideas.

Open Interiors to the Great Outdoors
Ensure a smooth transition between the indoors and outdoors with a new patio door, which can improve your home's air quality, increase natural light, and enhance the interior and exterior appearance. Pella® patio doors are energy-efficient and available in a variety of color options in the material of your choice.

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Pella® Impervia® sliding patio door and casement, fixed and single-hung windows

Rethink Function
The right patio furniture brings style, comfort and function to an outdoor living space. As you begin to shop for your patio, consider what your dream space would be. Do you envision it as a spot for dining and entertaining? Or is it more of a place for reading and relaxation? Make a list of everything you want the space to be used for, and use that list as a shopping guide.

Plant Happy
Flowerbeds and container plants add color and personality to any outdoor living space and can make friends and family feel even more welcome. Look for flowers that match your sun or shade conditions. Popular choices for the summer season include petunias, begonias and verbenas. Come fall, restock planters with mums, ornamental cabbage and peppers, or sedum and ornamental grasses to keep things looking seasonal.

outdoor living spaces front porch plants
Pella® 450 Series double-hung and fixed windows

Amp Up the Ambiance
While décor, music and furniture can help create an inviting space, lighting is the ultimate mood-setter. Whether you opt for café lights, candles, lanterns or votives, add depth by lightscaping from different angles. String lights from trees or shrubs to provide an enchanted setting for guests after the sun sets. Add a wall lantern next to the patio door, or install path lights to guide guests as they come and go.

outdoor living spaces colorful furniture and lights
Pella® 250 Series double-hung windows

Choose Bold Colors
One simple way to give your outdoor living space instant personality is to decorate with bold colors. For a cohesive look, mix different intensities of the same shade. For a more vibrant and energetic feel, create a palette that’s full of contrasting colors.

Create the patio of your dreams this summer. Stop by your local Lowe’s for great seasonal sales on patio doors, furniture, plants and more.

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